Teaching Notes

Notes are unedited and will contain misspellings, etc.

Book of James

The Book of James PDF

Book of Hosea

Hosea Les 1

Hosea Les 2

Hosea Les 3

Hosea Les 4

Hosea Les 5

Hosea Les 6

Hosea Les 7

Hosea Les 8

Hosea Les 9

Hosea Les 10

Hosea Les 11

Hosea Les 12

Hosea Les 13

Hosea Les 14

Hosea Les 15

Hosea Les 16

Hosea Les 17

Hosea Les 18

Hosea Les 19

Hosea Les 20

Book of Jonah

Jonah Les 1

Jonah Les 2

Jonah Les 3

Jonah Les 4

Jonah Les 5

Jonah Les 6

Jonah Les 7

The Psalms

Psalm 1 The Blessed and the Scornful

Psalm 3 David’s Son Absalom Attempts Overthrow

Psalm 4 Peace From an Awesome God

Psalm 15 The Tabernacle of God

Psalm 16 Satisfaction

Psalm 17 Calling on God

Psalm 18 in 3 parts

Psalm 19 The Creation Speaks of HIm

Psalm 20 War in Israel

Psalm 21 God in Action

Psalm 23 The Good Shepherd

Psalm 24 The God of the Universe

Psalm 25 The Need for God’s Guidance

Psalm 26 Under God’s Searchlight

Psalm 27 Part A and B

Psalm 28 The Rock 

Psalm 29 The Voice of the Lord

Psalm 30 David’s Walk with God

Psalm 31 The Ups and Downs of Life

Psalm 32 Sin and Forgiveness

Psalm 33 God is in Control

Psalm 34

Psalm 35 When Friends Become Foes

Psalm 36 A Comparison of the Souls of Men

Psalm 37 The Righteous and the Wicked

The Last Days

Part I- What to Expect

Part II-The Rapture

Part III- The AntiChrist

Part IV- The Great Tribulation

Part V- Christ’s Second Coming

Part VI- The Millenium

Part VII- The Judgments

Let’s Ask the Bible Volume I

PDF of Let’s Ask the Bible Volume I

Let’s Ask the Bible Volume II

1 Predestination

2 Grave Sleep

3 Demons

4 Trials and Temptations

5 Law of Moses

6 Christians and government

7 The Family

8 Giving

9 Studying the Bible

10 Fear

11 What is a Christian

12 The Church

13 Are the Heathen lost who have never heard

14 Money

15 Questions about heaven

16 Doctrine

17 NIV…the Devil’s Bible

18 Amazing Bible Facts

19 Bitterness…a disease of the saints

20 Slothfulness…a disease of the Saints

21 Discouragement…a disease of the Saints

22 Fishers of men

23 The Ambitious Guest

24 The Mote and the Beam

25 The Salt of the Earth

26 The light and the city

27 Moths, rust and thieves

28 The birds and the lilies

29 Two Gates and Two Ways

30 The Two houses

31 Two sons and the vineyard

32 The dogs and Swine

33 Forgiveness and the Unmerciful servant

34 The sower and the seed

35 The tares and the wheat

36 The talents and rewards

37 Wolf in sheep clothing

Various Topics

A Study of the Easter Holiday