Sermon Notes

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Away With Him John 19

Are you sure you want to go to heaven

Art Thou One of Them Mt

Are you sure you want to go to heaven Rev 4

Are You Slipping

Are you on the devils list

Are you Among the Few

Are the heathen lost who never heard

Ants Conies Locust Spiders Prov 30

Apostle Paul Fighter Finisher Faithful

Another Satisfied Customer

Annanaias and Saphira Acts 4

An Overwhelmed Heart Psa 61

An Overwhelmed Heart

An Issue of Blood Mark 5

An Invitation to a Party

America in Prophecy Isaiah 1

America in Judgement 40 Days and counting


Amazing Fish Stories

All things are ready Luke 14

All That’s Empty is the Tomb

All That a Child Needs ISam1v24

All I Want for Christmas is a New Me

After What I have done Can God use me I Cor 5

Advice on how to be ready to DIE II Timothy 4

Achan’s Sin joshua 7

Abiding in Him

Abel the first man to die

Aaron’s death

A worthy Redeemer

A World in Horrible Shape

A War I can’t Win

…Peace is the best option Lk 14

A Ten Piece Testimony

A sunny night

A Strange Road to Sucess Exodus

A strange message Luke 5

A Roadmap Back Home Hosea 6

A right spirit Psa 51

A Rich Man’s Wish List

A revival fit for a king Psa 51

A Recipe for Returning to God Gen 35

A Place for Hurting Hearts Psa 61

A place caled hell

A Personal Lord Mark 5

A painful message Psa 73

A night nicodemus never forgot

A Need to be alone With God Mt 17

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare Gen 4

A Meeting with Holy God Isaiah 6

A man you ought to meet Luke 19

A Man Named Fortunate Acts 20

A Little Honey for the Journey Gen 43

A LAnd in horrible Shape Jer 5

A Land in horrible Shape Jer 5

A Highway for the Lord Isa 40

A Heart to Do Work Ex 36

A Handful in God’s Hand I Kg 17

A Handful in god’s Hand

A great supper Luke 14

A good work

A good soldier II Tim 2

A Good Person to Know Job 22

A Good Father Doesn’t Let His Children Drown

A God of equality ezek 18

A Fruitful Life Psa 80

A forgiving God PSA 130

A Filter for Your Life Phil 4

A Fathers Farewell to His son I Kg 2

A Dying Son and a Father’s Faith John 4

A crown we can all win

A Clean Slate for the New Year

A certified gospel Gal 1

A Case for JesusMark 5

A Bunch of Nuts I Peter 2

A Bridegroom’s comfort Sol 8

A biblical Forecast for the New Year

A Battle greater than Goliath

A 10-piece testimony

2000 Years and Still Confused Luke 23

3 Friends

Bloom Wherever God Plants You Psalm 1

Building the tabernacle

Building A Relationship with Christ Ruth 3

brotherly love

Broken walls in Our City Neh 1

Bright Side of an Otherwise Dark Day

Boundaries God Will Not Move Hosea 5

Bothered by Evildoers

Blunders of a mighty Captain

Big Lessons From a Small Book

Biblical addicts I cor 16

Beyond the tears Pas 30 Jn 11

Beware of Raw Meat Ex 12

Beware of Egyptian Goods

Being on call for Jesus Luke 9

Being Mary in martha’s world Lk 10

Being a Blessing

Being a blessing to others Gen 49

Behold the lamb jn 1

Behold Rev 3 20

Behold How He loves me

Because we are sons

Because We Are Sons

Because of the people john 11

Bearing Burdens

BE filled with the spirit Eph 5

Barn is too small

Baptist in charge of heaven

Babies that Won’t Eat

Cups from God’s Word

Cry Aloud

Concern About the Judgment Seat of Christ


Contending for the faith

Consider Him

Complete in Him Romans 8

Coming up short luke


Come Quickly, Lord Jesus

Come Now Let us Reason Together

Come Before Winter

Coats Found in God’s Word

CLothing the Naked Believer

Cities of refuge

Christmas- Several Messages

Christmas gifts from the Bible

Christmas Day in Hell Luke 16

Christian persecution

Christ Waved His Rights

Christ Lifted Up

Children We Can’t Fail John 20v21

Children Pro 22

Chief shepherd

Changing Places in the Hour of Death Luke 16

Changed Lives

Cave Christians…David the Caveman Psa 142

Caution Signs Along the Way I Tim 1

Casual Christianity

Carrying out the ashes

Carrying out the ashes Lev 6


Can’t Use it Up

Can We Trust God

Can Anything be Worse Than Death

Caleb’s Spirit But God is Faithful 1Cor1v9

Dying With your House in Order Isa 38

Dreams not worth dreaming

Dream Busters

Don’t Trust What Egypt Has to Offer Isa 31

Don’t become a withered Christian

Doing Nothing The Perfect Calling

Doing business with God

Do you Have a Neighbor

Do you hav a coat for winter

Do We Run Away and Hide

Do we look for another

Divine Care

Digging the Preacher’s Grave

Difficulty of salvation

Devils 3 voices

Devil’s Ways to Wear out the Saints

Death of a Champion

Death has my Number

Death has my name in His address book

Death at its best

Dealing with Shipwreck Acts 27

David’s Sin and Repentance Psa 51

David’s charge to solomon

David’s Army


Dark Calvary Psa 22

Danger of discouragement Num 21v4

Easter- If the tomb is Not Empty

Ezekiels cemetery visit

Excuses for Change Jer 6

Except a Man Be Born, He Cannot See

Evidence we have been with Jesus

Evidence Does Not Lie

Even So Come Quickly Rev 3

Entry Requirements for Canaan

Elijah’s Power from on High I Kings 18

Egg white religion

Easter- We Need a Resurrection of the Saints

Easter- The Resurrection Experience

Easter- The First Resurrection Message

Faith’s Nextdoor Neighbors

Fishing Without Jesus

Furnishing a christian life

Frustrated grace

Friends you can do without Judges 3 vs 5 – 7

FretNot Freedom From the Spirit of Fear II Tim 1

Fresh Oil Psalm 92

Free indeed

Foxes That Spoil the Vines

Four seats of Christ in Hebrews


Forty days and counting

Forsaken Mercy Jonah 2

Forgiveness, how often and how much

Forgetting how we got to Canaan message 2

For This Cause Eph 3

For This Cause 2 Tim

For God hath not 3 times in Bible

For God hath not

Fleeing the wilderness

Fishing with Peter Luke 5

Five Steps from Glory Phil 2 v 5to8

Fishers of Men John 21

Finding Refuge from God

FieryFurnace ExpereinceDan3

Fearing God part A and B



Fathers responsibility

Father knows best

Father Job

Famine for hearing the Word


Falling in love with Jesus

Faiths Good Report

Faith versus a giant

Fainting Christians Gen45v26,27

Failure is Not Terminal Phil 3

Failed Missions

Guilty but Not as Charged

Good and Simple News about Evil Rom 16

Good Advice to a Backslid Nation Jer 7

Going Against the Flow

God’s Work…It Can Still be Done Right and Be Successful Phil 1

God Will God Has God Can

Gods Quarrel w usa

God’s Unreasonable Plan of Salvation John 3

God’s Meal Barrel

God’s Business Partner LK 2

God’s plan for solving problems

God’s Terrorist List Prov 1v26

God’s Never Said Oops

God’s looking glass God’s Mirror

God’s legacy…what we can tell our children

God’s just Say No Program

God’s great salvation

God’s Greatest Fears for Israel in Canaan

God’s final words

God under contract

God Thinking of Man Psa 8

God Sets the Standard Amos 7

God Send a menasseh

God knows where it hurts

God is Always Prepared Jonah 1

God Is God Doesn’t Deal in Patchwork Luke 5

God doesn’t Tithe

Goads that Keep me Going Ecc 12

Go tell that fox

Go tell my father

Givng, a way to open heavens windows

Giving…a way to open heaven’s windows

Giving for the House of God 1 Chronicles 29

Gideon’s victory

Getting Used to THe Dark

Getting things Right

Getting Out from Under the Juniper Tree

Getting it right

Generation X

Getting back to God

Have we Passed the Faith Test

How Would You Introduce God to a Pagan Acts 17

How to Trip the Brethren I John 2v10

How to study the bible

How to Please God II Cor 5

How to have a good day

How to get in to see the Doctor Mark1v40-45

How to Get a Drink of the Water of Life

How to ask from God

How the lamb prepared me

How should a Christian respond to troubleJob1v22

How Love Views Faults and Failures I Cor 13v7

How Far Can Satan Take a Man

How David was victorious Over Goliath I Sam 17

How Do You Receive the Gospel 1 Cor 4v14-21

How can sin possibly be worth the price

How bad is sin

Honoring the House of God

Hold Fast Sound DoctrineTitus 1

Hold Fast Sound Doctrine Titus 1

His Coming

His Coming Sol 2

Hindrances to serving God

Hidden blessings_0263

Hell…the Land of NO Luke 15

Heaven’s rainbow


Heaven…God’s House John 14

Heaven…a closer look

Heaven-a place you can’t afford to miss John14v2

Heaven What’s in it for me

He Shall be Called John Luke 1

He Laid it on Me

He Knows Where it Hurts Luke 13

He is Not Here Mt 28

He Is In the House Mark 2

He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away Jer

He didn’t throm the clay away

He could have Ran….pages

He came to me…the good samaratian

He Arose Let us Arise

Having a Testimony Psalms 78

Have you lost part of your salvation

Have you Lost Part of Your Salvation

Have We Served God in Vain version 2

Have We Served God in Vain

Hating What God Hates Proverbs 6

Has your fire gone out

Has He Not done Enough Already II Sam 12

Hard sayings

Hard Sayings VErsion 2 John 6

Hard questions easy

Hanging Heads Psa3v3

I am Convinced Jesus was Christ

I Am the Door John 10 vs 7

It is Somebody’s Business

It is easier to sink than you think Mt 14

It is hard to Argue with Evidence

It is a bad time to lose interest in the church

Isaiah’s Revival Isaiah 6

Isaiah’s vision

Isaiah’s unbelievable report

Isaiah’s newsletter

Is there any word from the lord

Isaiah 1v18 Come to a reasonable God

Is Salvation a Birth

Is all well

Irreversible Esther8v8

Investing in God’s Work II Kings 4

In time of need

In search of a Bride

If We Became Praying PeopleDaniel 6

If You Die Before You LiveHb 9

IF This Year is Your Last

If the Tomb is Not Empty I Cor 15

If the spirit dwells in you

If the Foundations Be Destroyed

If Noah Had Not Finished the Ark Gen 6

If Mercy Could Visit Hell

If King Agrippa Could Recondiser Acts26v28

If Jesus were to come today.

If in This Life Only I Cor 15v18

If It’s in Your Heart I Sam 17

If in this Life Only

If I Got What I Deserved Job 11

If Apostle paul prayed for our church

Identifying with the Right People Mt 26

I’m Glad I’m Not an Angel

I’d get a second opinion

I will stand upon my watch

I was glad when they said

I Want One too

I Shall Not Want

I have a Problem WIth Hell

I Sent you to Reap John4vs38

I Go a Fishing John 21

I don’t Want to be FreeEx21v2

I am the door

I am pleased with Jesus

I am not going to hell

I am glad I know the true God Isaiah46v

I Am ContentI Tim 6

Jealous Elijah I Kings 19

Just Praise the Lord Regardless Genesis 29

Just outside the gate

just how bad a place is hell


Joshua’s Farewell Address Jos 23

Joseph and the lord comparison

Joseph- a man with no price

Jonah’s bad attitude

Jonah…not just another fish story

John 3

John introduces Jesus John 1v15to34

John 3 16

Jesus’ Water

Jesus’ Message to a Rich young sinner

Jesus Won’t Quit on Us

Jesus taking care of business

Jesus Ministry

Jesus Locked Out

Jesus is wonderful

Jesus is in the house

Jesus is coming Sol 2

Jessee’s boy

Jepthath..son of a harlot

King David’s Life of Trouble

Labeled Acts 4

Lying… Todays Favorite Pastime

Loving the brethern

Love That Won’t Turn You Loose Romans 8

Love gone cold

Lord teach Us

Lord open our eyes

Lord Open Our Eyes

Lord have me excused

Looking for the lamb

Little Tactics of a Big Devil

Little is much when God is in it

Liquor is a loser

liberty john 8v38

Let’s Make a Deal

Let the Redeemed Say so

Let the redeemed of the Lord say So

Let the redeemed say so Psa107v2

Lest we be like the nine

Lessons from Cain

Left her waterpot

Leaving with no regrets

Leaving it up to God John 11v3

Leaven in the Dough

Learning to Play Hurt

Learning to FEAR God Psalm 34

Learning from abel

Learning to be Content Phil4v11

Lazarus John 11

Last Day Preaching ezek 3

Labor is not in vain

My State at Death

My View of Life Jms4v14

My State Col 4

My Royal Wedding Rev 19

My redeemer liveth

My people doth not consider

My Meeting with my redeemer Ruth 2

My Father’s Business

Much to be Thankful For Psalms 100

My Doctrine

Much is Given Lk 12

Mouth to mouth

Mountains you can have

Motivators- why we do what we do for the Lord

Motivators for the Christian Life II Cor 5

Modern Religion Prov 14

Miracle The Greatest Wedding Ceremony Ever John 2

Messages you will wish you had heeded

More than the Christ Mt 16

More than just a jew


Meet a Few of Paul’s Friends in the Gospel

Meats that Spoil

Marquee Sins of Today Amos 2

Marks of a spiritual baby

Manna- what is it Ex16

Mans despair, gods oppotunity

Mama Job Mother’s Day Job 2

Number 1 Hindrance to serving God today

Now that we are revived what next

Now that i’m saved what next

Not over it, but moving on

Not Ashamed of the Gospel Romans 1

None Like Him


No Other Gods Ex 20

Nightmares of a Governor’s Wife

No Longer an Orphan

Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7

Nehemiah’s Enemies Neh 6

Nehemiah Neglecting salvation

Neglecting Salvation

Near but outside

Narrow Way


Nails to Strengthen the Church Ezra 9

Naaman- a pictue of salvation

Our Lovely Lord

Our greatest need in such a time as this

Our father

Our Duty to Remember One Another

Only Through Grace Gen 47v11

Only by grace

One woman’s Problem II Kings 4

On the other side

Old paths Jer6v16

Old Paths for the New Year

Oh come let us sing

Passing from death unto life

Pull My Hair Out Ezra 9

Promises of a departing savior_0285

Promises of a Departing Savior

Prodigal son_0283

Prodigal son_0280

Prince of peace_0278

Pride- head of list 7 things God hates

Preparing for winter II Tim 4

Predictions for the New Year

Precious from Peter_0281

Preachers Dress in the Pulpit

Praying with Daniel

Prayer_0287 Prayer_0284

Poor Little Donkey

Playing the Fool II Samuel 26

Poor Little Donkey Ex 13

Physicians with no cure

Pitiful People Hebrews 4

Phony Christians Isa 4


Peters message in the house of cornelius

Peter’s message at Pentecost

Peter’s Last Fishing Trip

Peter’s Denial of the Lord Luke 22

Peculiar people

peace with God

Peace with God

Pastor learn Bible School 2006

Passover Lamb Ex 12

Questions to ask Self

Ruth finds rest

Running with the Underdog II Sam 9

Run or quit

Rich man’s wish list

Revived state

Revival Psa 85

Revival Grace Ezra 9

Retrial of jesus

Responsibility, the Burden of Obligation

Requirements to having success in the Cause of Christ

Remembering lots wife

Religion 2006 Style

Refusing to bow_0291

Redeeming a Day Col 4

Reasons to Continue in the Faith

Rebekah a Good Mother

Ready for Departure II Tim 4

Rags to riches

Surviving in a Martha’s World Lk10v38-42

Survival Kit

Surviving Bitterness

SubstituteAsk for egg

Summit Meeting at Jerusalem Acts 15


Stuff to Build With

Strange Incense Ex30v9

Straying Sheep Isa53v6

Storms of Life

Stops on the Way to Eternity


Steps in Peter’s Downfall


Spreading the Word in the Last Days

Stand and Knock Rev 3v20

Spoiling a good trip Gen45v24

Spit and Dirt John 9

Spiritual Success in the New Year

Sounds That Tingle My Ear

Sound Doctrine for the Individual

soul liberty



Son of a HArlot

Son of a Harlot Mt 15

Sometimes a Sandwich Will Do


Some Things I Am Required to Remind You Of

Some thngs are worse than death

Some Places I Find Jesus in Bible Mt 2

So CLose yet so Far

Some Lies Men Want to be Told


Smoking Flax Shall He Not Quench

SLack Bow

Six Woes of Isaiah

Sins that will doom any people Hosea 8

Sinking in the Sea of Galilee

Sinners Never Get Saved Tomorrow James 4

Singing to the ROck

Sin of Seperation

Sin What is it

Sin Made Handy

Sin Has Hooks

Sin As a Seperator

Sin message Psalm 7 and 32

Simplicity in Christ

Sin and the Saint

Simplicity in Christ ver 2

Simplicity in Christ Jesus

Silver and Gold Have I None

Silent Harps

Sightseeing in Sodom

Side Effects of Sin

Showdown On Mount Carmel I Kings 18

She hath done what she could

She Goes With the Farm

Settling for Less

Setting the Record Straight…things Dr

Serving God on Empty Stomach


Seek ye First the Kingdom

Seeing the Unseen

Seeing Jesus

Seeing Jesus as the Lamb Hb2v9

See Him or Sink

second coming

Secret Sin of Achan

Seasons in Servng the Lord Acts20v18-20

Seasons in Serving the Lord

SAved and Satisfied

Saved and glad of it Rom 8

Save yourselves from this untoward generation

Saul’s Conversion

Saul…the King of Excuses

Satan’s Wish List


SAtan Where have you been



Salvation Salvation belongeth to the Lord

Salvation belongeth to the Lord Psa3v8

Salvation belongeth to the Lord Pas3v8


Safe in the Arms of JesusPsa121

Safe and Sound in Jesus Luke 1

The Race

The Two Most Asked Questions to a Saved Person-6

Taking a Stand Eph 6

Tax Collecting With Zachaeus

Ten Virgins

That Your Joy May be Full I John

The 3 Crosses of the Christian Gal 6

The Appetite of the Flesh Gal 5

The Bankrupt Sinner Luke 7

The Battle of the FLesh

The Believer’s Priesthood I Pt 2

The Best Robe

The Blessedness of Considering the Poor_0436

The Blind Boy Healed John 9

The Blood The Blood, the gift that keeps on Giving

The Blood

The Book of Books Psalms 119

The Breathe of God

The Bright Side of Lot’s Day

The Calling of Moses

The Captain of This Ship

The Captain of this ShipHebrews 2

The Certainty of an Uncertain Life James 4


The church a Dream come True Gen 18

The church a Dream come True gne 18

The church an unusual organization

The Church of Today Rev 3

The Common Faith Titus 1

The Complete Package Psa 105

The Convenience of Serving Baal I Kings 18v21

The cost of doing business with the devil Lam 5

The Cross made a way …Mt 27

The Cycle of Life

The Dangers of a Carnal Walk ICor3v1,2,3,4

The Dangers of HAving an Unrevived Heart

The Days of Lot

The Days of Noah and Now Luke 17

The Death of a Champion Paul

The Death of a Champion Stephen

The Delight of the Heart message Psalm 37

The Depths of John 3

The Devil Does not Play Fair

The Devil Following the dove

The Devil’s Bread

The Devil’s Methods of Wearing Out the Saints Dan 7

The Difference Compassion Makes

The Difference the Blood Makes

The Difference the Cross Makes

The Distance Between you and the Devil does Matter

The DNA of a Christian Acts 26

The Dove and the Raven Genesis

The Edible Book Jeremiah 15

The Effect of the Cross

The End

The Excitement of Being a Christian John 4v29

The Faith Walk

The Fall in the Garden

The falling away…will you be next

The Fate of the Apostles

The Father’s Business Luke 2

The figist

The Final Chapter of Your Life

The finished work of Calvary

The First and the Last

The First Church Members_0435

The First Father Genesis

The First Lady Gen 2

The First Resurect Message Mt28v5,6,7

The forgotten work of the Holy Ghost

The Fullness of the Empty Tomb I Cor 15

The Garments of Christianity

The God of all grace

The God of Bethany John 11

The God of Second Chances Luke 13

The God we Need Isaiah 40

The Godly and Ungodly Psa 61

The Gold Found in Trials I Peter 1

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd John 10

The Good Shepherd

The Good That Came out of Nazarath

The Gospel Has Been Good to Me

The Gospel That I preach

The Great Commission Mark 16

The Greatest Dangers We face in Canaan

The Growth of the Believer

The Halleluah Chorus Pas 150

The hidden sin of Anaias and sapphire

The High Cost of Low Living Gen 38v18

The High Road Dt 32

The Hindrance to Salvation Gal 5v7

The Ice Man Moses’ Cousin

The impossibility of a trouble

The Impotent Man

The INCH that became a MILE Gen 3

The Jesus That Raised Lazarus John 11

The Jesus Way_0432

The joy of divine forgiveness

The Joy of Reconciliation II Cor 5

The Judgement for Sin

The Kind of City I Am Looking For Abraham

The Kind of Heart God Desires

The King’s Stuff Gen45v20

The Laodicean Church

The Last Days

The Amazing Power of ONE

The Prophecy of the Lord Convinces ME

The Law of the Leper Leviticus 14

The legacy of the saints

The life of King David (Autosaved)

The Light

The Lion Hath Roared Amos 3 Rev 5

The Living Dead Man

The Long Arm of Sin Lam 5

The Long Way Around…Why we have Wilderness Journeys Deut 8

The LOrd is My Shepherd

The Lord of Mary Magdalene

The Lord’s Prayer Mt6v9-13

The Lost Axe Head II Kings 6

The Making of a Good Soldier

The Makings of a Carnal People I Corinthians

The Master Sifter

The Mercy of the Blood_0434

The Message We Need to Pass on to Our Children

The Middle Verse Psalms 118v8

The Mission of Nehjemiah

The Mystery of the Ages the rejected Christ

The Mountains in Moses’ Life

The Mystery of Lot’s Sad Ending

The Mystical New Birth John 1 vs 10

The Narrow Gate Mt7v13

The Need to be on the Lord’s Side I Sam 17

The needs of the troubled

The Nehemiah Work of Building

The New Birth

The New Year Phil 3

The New Year

The number 1 reason i am not going to hell

The Offense of the Cross Galations 5

The Old paths…still worth walking

The Only Light in a Dark World II Pt 1

The Passover Lamb Ex 12

The Passover Lamb

The Passover Lamb

The Performance appraisal I Dread Mt 25

The Physical Suffering of the Cross

The Pitfalls of a Carnal Walk I Cor 3

The plan of redemption

The Plan of Atonement Exodus 30

The Power in Giving

The power of God Acts1vs8

The Preacher’s Preacher

The Versatility of the Gospel Roman 1

They WERE Wise Men

Things God will Not Give you

Thing That Will Not change

The Need to Spend Time with Jesus

The Way of the Wicked

Wilderness side or Canaan side

To Whom Will ye Liken Him

The finished work of Calvary

Things God will Not Give you

Under God’s Microscope Psalm 26


Until the Lord Comes I Tim 4

Unspeakable Gift

Unlocking the Good in your Life Sol 4

Unfinished Business

Vision difficulty in time of storm

Virtues of Hell

What is Wrong With ME

When God Gets Mad at a Person’s Sin

Would they call us Christians today Acts 11

Would Jesus be Enough

Witnesses Against Defeat

Without the Shedding of Blood

Witness to the Success of the Christian Hb 12

Wiser Than Mine EnemiesPsa 119

Will You be the Next to Fall

Will the King get Your Baby Ex2

Will the Coin Be Found Light

Will MY Name Be Spoken in Hell

Will Jesus Ever Reign? Psalm 2

Will God Remove America’s Hedge

Will God remove America

Will discouragement preach you funeral num21v4

Why Winning Souls is Wise Prov 11v30

Why would a needy soul sit at the church door ACT 3

Why we Are a Troubled People

Why we are sheep Psa 100

Why Today is Better Than Yesterday

Why the Lord Chose Me Deut 6

Why the Gospel Has Enemies Galations 4

Why Soul Winning is Wise Message 2

Why Soar High

Why She Said I WILL GO

Why Serve God_0019

Why Neglect salvation

Why our High Priest is Great Hb 4

Why Live Another Day

Why Jesus Wept John 11

Why It is Just About Over

Why i want him to come quickly Rev 22v20

Why I Choose Christianity

Why I am not Miserable

Why His Name is Wonderful

Why His Birth was as it was Luke 2

Why He Left the Grave Clothes John 20

Why He is a Good Shepherd John 10

Why god’s Word is Awesome

Why God Made me Another Day Psa 118

Why Christ called the rich man a fool

Why did satan want peter

Why Care for the Church

Why a Soul winner Weeps

Why can’t I AM be enough

Why a soul winner weeps Psa126v6

Whose Memory Will Dial you UP

Whose Life are you Sharpening

Who is Your Goliath

Who will stand in the gap

Who is This If I could answer Herod

Who is the LordEx5v2,3

Who Is On the Sinner’s Side?

Who is that in the bush Ex3v6

Who is on my side

Who is My Neighbor

While We Still Have Jesus

Where will Life Lead Me…the steps of David

Which side of Jordan will you die on

Where There is No Fire Acts 28

Where is He? Christmas

Where Have The People Gone

When we Need a Drink of Water Psa 42

When We are Gone will they know we have been here?

When the Power Comes

When the Devil takes Your Straw Ex

When the Devil steals your straw version 2

When the Devil Runs out of Camels I Samuel 30

When the Church Prayed

When the blood was presented

When the Answer is No 2Cor12v8

When the Battle is Over Rom 8

When overwhelmed, Rock

When Lust has a Baby

When Love Intervenes Philemon

When LATE is Too Late HB 12

When Jordan is out of Banks

When Jesus Passes By Luke 18

When Jesus Departs

When Jesus Becomes Lord

When it is all said and Done Rev21v6

When I See the Blood Ex 12

When I See the Devil’s Face No More Ex10v29

When God Turns Loose of His End of the Rope

When God Hides From Me

When God Bought Me I Cor 6v20

When Friends Become Enemies

When do We Quit

What you Gave UP When you Got Saved

What Would you prefer Over Jesus Mt 27

What Would You Trade Your Soul For

What World Conditions Tell Me

What will Hinder You in The New Year

What we have to offer What we have in Christ Hebrews 9

What we give yp when we come down

What We give up If we Come Down Neh 6

What we Believe- Satan

What They Saw at Calvary

What they saw at calvary

What the Satan Sees in Me

What the Prodigal Son Never Wanted For

What the Devil Wants for Christmas

What the Devil Wants From You Exodus

What the Church Needs for Christmas

What the Church is NOT

What the Bible says about Next year

What shall we do with the children

What Shall I Do With This Jesus That is Called Christ?

What Shall I do With This Jesus That is called Christ

What Salvation is Not Mark 10

What Role Does Faith play in your Life

What more Can God Do

What Matters to God Mt23v23

What mannerof people

What makess John 3 16 so great?

What makess John 3 16 so great_

What Makes Jesus Stand Out Sol 5

What Made Phillip Run

What Keeps You Going I Kg 19v4-8

What Jesus told the Samratian woman

What it takes to be set free EX 14 John 8

What It Takes TO Be Set Free

What is your Life don’t feel sorry for me

What is the Work of Christ today

What is Revival Psa 51

What is Repentence

What is in Your Sack Gen44v11

What is a Friend Prov 18

What is a Christian

What I want from Revival

What howstuffworksdotcom won’t answer

What He Bought Me I Cor 6

What happened to the Pattern Titus 2

What God Saw in David’s heart

What Every Father Ought to Tell His Son…Father’s Day

What Does God Think of Me?

What Do We Owe the World

What did you do with the Gospel that you heard

What Did King Jesus See in Me

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What Can a Sinner Expect from a Saint

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The trumphet

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Well Spoken Luke 23

Welfare Christianity

Wedding Message

We will Weather the Storm I Sam 17

We Will See Who Has the Last Laugh Psalm 2

We were told It was Coming II Peter 3

We need a Resurrection of the SaintsEph5v14

We Have Found Him

We have an Experienced God

We have an advocate 1Jn3v2

We are in This Together Titus 1

Ways to Hell

Watchman what of the night

Was Zackeus Really Little

Watch out for that other Religion

Walking with God in the Unity of Holy Spirit

Walking With God Gen 5v24

Waiting for the perfect time and conditions Ecc 11

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Weary in well Doing Gal 6 vs 9

What is Wrong With ME? Isaiah 5,6

When Famine Comes

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Your Enemy I Pt 5

You Can’t Straighten Yourself Out Lk 13

Yet There Is Room

Yellow Pages

Ye are the Light of the World

You Can be Perfect without Being Perfect

Zachaues Was he really little

Zacchaeus Lk 19