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How Far Can the Devil Go?

Hanging Out with the LORD

One CAN Hinder You

Revival Fire Acts 28 1 10

Some Things Never Change 

God Can God Has and God Will

God Paid too Much for Me

The Coming of the Lord

A Shaking Message

The Token of the Grace Covenant

Sin Has Hooks

Labeled Acts 4 vs 13

The INCH that became a MILE

If King Agrippa Could Reconsider

Dwelling in God’s Pavillion

Evidence of Jesus in your life


God’s Recipe for Your Life 

How Sin Manifest itself in our Lives

The Flood, Raven, and Dove

Faith’s Next Door Neighborspy

Fishing Without Jesus

Furnishing a Christian Life upload

I Shall Not Want Psa 23

How Do We Measure Up to the First Church?

Have we done a GOOD work?

His Excellent Name Psalm 8

Job’s Wife- the burdens of a Mother

A Personal Lord

How to Ask and Receive from God

Is America Worth Rescuing?

His Excellent Name     Psalm 8

Lot’s Poor Vision

Preventing Fainting

Promises of a Departing Saviour

God Knows Me

With or Without Shedding of Blood

We Can Be Perfect Without Being Perfect

Fresh Oil

Remembering the Dark Days

Salt of the Earth


To Whom Will Ye Liken him

The Awful Consequences of Sin Psalm 38 message

The Death of a Champion Paul

The Death of a Champion Stephen

The DNA of a Christian

The Empty Tent in Your Life

The First Father

The Jesus That Raised Lazarus John 11

The Mystery of the Ages the rejection of Christ

The Necessity of Love PART I

The Necessity of Love PART II

The Rock   Psalm 28

The Seller Who Became Sold on Jesus

The Door John 10

This World

Things Job did Not Lose

Tricking God Joshus 9

The Church

The Judgment of the Saints HB 9 27

The Wagon Tracks are Gone

The Race

Tricking God Joshus 9

Your Enemy I Pt 5 vs 18

The Weakness of the People 

What Christianity Has to Offer

What is Wrong With Me?

When the Power Comes Acts 1-5

Where is God Now? Psalm 42

Why Care for the church 

Why Ameriac Rejects Manna

Wiser Than My Enemies

With or Without Shedding of Blood